Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So I found out who this fine brother is...JW THE GRADE A HUSTLER. Im good huh? ha ha ha...I just had to know.
Born and raised in the heart of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale Florida, this certified phenom knew that he had to conquer the streets rather than be a victim of them. At a young age, This Florida native knew he had to make it out of the hood. School wasn’t his first choice, but he knew success stood next to education. JW wasn’t your traditional schoolboy, he was an outstanding athlete which led him to receive a full athletic football scholarship to Auburn University; JW endured many obstacles as a youth. While balancing the streets, school, football and also being the head of his household, he learned at an early age on how to “get it from the muscle.” JW had a run in with the law in 1999 that almost hindered his dreams to excel in football and make it out the hood. He showed determination to push on. JW went on to excelled as a student and as well as an athlete which led him to receive his Undergraduate degree in Business from Illinois State University. JW was destined to be NFL bound, but later found out that God had different plans for his life. JW entrepreneurial spirits led him to another plan, so he created his own entertainment company "Ghost Entertainment”. This opportunity allowed him to rub elbows with the elite in the entertainment industry as well as promote some of the hottest events in South Florida. Due to his success JW decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia (Home of Black Hollywood) and take over another market. His 'Hustler Swag and preaching truths’ allowed many to think he was a MC. He was later advised by a music mogul to pursue a career in the music game. In 2008 JW along with his business partner L.A. found Grade A Hustler Entertainment. The movement was on from there. This allowed him to express his creativity, in delivering his way of life in the streets, to the booth. JW recorded his first single "Baik At It" which flooded the streets and went into heavy rotation at all of the hottest clubs in Atlanta. JW quickly raised many eyebrows with many creditable DJ’s such as DJ Infamous, the Aphiliates, Fernando, Holiday, Tay-Rock, Trauma, Outlaw, Coalition Dj’s, Don Cannon, The Core DJ’s, The Hittmenn Dj's and many more. Now, JW is doing countless shows and working towards making his album. ..He recently signed a deal with CTE/ Island Def Jam; this rap scholar is clearly on the way to becoming one of the greats. One might compare his touching lyrics, and steady sex appeal to that of the late great Tupac Shakur, or his sexy flow, and anthem tactics to the one and only late great BIG.

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